First, and foremost, I am mom to three incredibly talented and bright kids!  My oldest son is attending the University of Northern Colorado where he's studying to be a science teacher.  My other son takes partial International Baccalaureate classes and is enrolled in a medical program as well and my youngest daughter is in an International Baccalaureate middle school program.  When describing my kids I like to tell people that I have a runner, a drummer and a softball player who are all equally kind and compassionate!  

I am have been married to my best friend, and the love of my life, for 16 years.  He works in the space science industry and when our kids were younger, we called Dad our Rocket Scientist!  Our names have gone up on discs in several satellites and for a long time, our oldest son was terrified that the aliens would find us because they had our names!  

While I wasn't raised in Colorado, I was born here and couldn't wait to get back home.  I spent my youth in Northern New Mexico in the little town of Los Alamos, home of the Manhattan Project and the Atomic Bomb.  Needless to say, there were no "Bring Your Child to Work" days where I lived.  After our youngest child turned one, our family moved to San Antonio, Texas were we spent several years.  It was a great city and we met some wonderful friends while we were there, but my heart has always been in the Rocky Mountains and Colorado so when my husband was relocated here for work in 2011, he made my dreams come true!  

During the week, you will find me taxiing kids around in my Camaro but when the weekends hit, you can find our family fishing along a babbling stream or Jeeping over a mountain pass!  We love being together, as a family, and know how precious our time together is.  

I love donating time and services to special events and organizations that I am passionate about.  I also absolutely love to photograph high school seniors who otherwise would not be able to afford to have their photos done.  

I love taking pictures, whether it's capturing special moments in someone's life or a wildflower in a meadow.  Pictures awaken emotions and refresh our memories of times in our lives that are meaningful.  

*above photo (of my daughter and I) done by Shannon Gray

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